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There is no need to duplicate efforts. In challenging times, unity matters! We believe organizations can make the most impact working together. That's why we define partnership as handraisers fighting various challenges in Liberia. United, we stand stronger than Coronavirus.


Mobilizing youth to raise awareness about COVID-19 in communites while social-distancing

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Teamwork Africa, Inc.

Running a fundraising campaign to raise money and contribute food and some basic servies to underserved people.

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Franciscan Works

Educating students about coronavirus and following all recommended safety protocols, especially washing our hands!

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Christian Aid Ministries

CAM is introducing a Coronavirus Crisis Care Project to respond to the increasing needs cased by the pandemic.

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Partner Liberia, Inc.

Partner Liberia graduates of the Liberian Respiratory Healthcare Institute are working with the Ministry of Health to treat patients of Coronavirus.

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Zoe Empowers

Runing a fundraising campaign to provide hand-washing stations, produce and distribute education materials, and fund micro-grants for businesses that have been impacted.

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World Hope Int’l

Addressing COVID-19 in Sierra Leone through community action projects and providing updated COVID-19 information in Liberia.

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