Fundraiser to locally produce 10,000 masks in Liberia.

In this pandemic, we are applying a collaborative approach among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to prevent the virus from spreading in Liberia. With such collaborations, we have already locally produced 2,200 face masks within the CDC guidelines. Our goal is to continue working with our young tailors to locally produce at least 10,000 masks urgently. All funds raised will be used to purchase materials, sew the masks, train distribution teams, and cover transportation cost for distributing the donated masks to communities and hospitals.

 This project is a partnership between the YMCA of Liberia, YESLiberia, Youth For Change, Tribe Liberia, the Rotary Club of Sinkor, ETF Liberia, the Representative of District 12 in Monrovia, Hon. Dr. George Samah Sr. and many more.


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