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In challenging times, unity matters! We believe organizations can make the most impact working together. There is no need to duplicate efforts. That's why we define handraisers as NGOs or CSOs fighting various challenges together in Liberia. United, we stand stronger.

ANC Global Group

Donating food and conducting awareness on Covid-19 acrross Monrovia.

IMPACT TARGET: General Public

YESLiberia, Inc.

Locally mass-producing qualified masks for free distributions while creating a major covid-19 awareness.

IMPACT TARGET: Slum Communities, Health Ministry, & Nonprofits

YMCA of Liberia

Creating awareness stickers to distribute in the flight against Covid-19.

IMPACT TARGET: General Public

TRIBE Liberia

Launched a Virutal Entrepreneurship Program to connect, inspire and empower students during this time of isolation– with specific hightlight on the coronavirus pandemic.


Friends Of Liberia, Inc.

Partnering with WE CARE to create awareness on the Coronavirus using Social Media and the distribution of posters in communities.

IMPACT: General Public

Hope Alliance Liberia

This organization is open to working with any groups to help prevent the spread of the virus in Liberia.

Youth Aid-Liberia

Youth Aid-Liberia is dedicated to creating awareness across the virginia area in Liberia on a daily basis.

African Dream Academy

Distributing Sanitary Materials and resources to communities in need

IMPACT TARGET: General Public

Change Agent Network, Inc

Conducting awareness on Corona Virus on social media. Soliciting support for medical supplies fo corona virus fight.

IMPACT TARGET: General Public

KEEP Liberia

Coronavirus awareness for kids through social media and multimedia initiatives

Impact: Children


Mobilizing youth to raise awareness about COVID-19 in communites while social-distancing

IMPACT: Students