Activate your community of supporters by providing a new way to volunteer and donate through #GivingTuesdayLiberia. Say “thank you” and give back–highlight the work that your volunteers do on larger, more global, platform.

To get involved:

  • Sign up as a #GivingTuesdayLiberia partner
  • Register your initiative or nonprofit
  • Spread the word to your community
  • If you’re partnering with a corporate partner, ask them to register as well!

Become a Partner


Give back by supporting a charity and becoming an official partner of #GivingTuesdayLiberia.

Share the information with your employees, garner volunteers to support projects, or match donations. There are countless ways your business can support the nonprofit sector.

To get involved:

  • Find a charity to support
  • Sign up as a #GivingTuesdayLiberia partner

Become a Partner



Take time out of your day to hear someone else’s story, teach a child about dedication, helps a mother plan her savings, distribute food to the homeless, spread God’s words, teach a workshop, visit and old-age home, or play with street children (consider finding another word for street children). Or make progress on the corporate level: assist a nonprofit with its marketing plan, develop investment or fundraising strategies, do an IT audit, review procurement policies, or even teach staff-members word processing or spreadsheet skills.

Simply visiting a nonprofit in your neighborhood to learn about its work can contribute to its social impact. Invite a nonprofit to your workplace to talk to your team about a social challenge or share stories of inspirational leadership. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on #GivingTuesdayLiberia.

Block the day on your calendar. Want to help? Contact us right away.

Become a Volunteer


Think of a cause that you care about: perhaps a nonprofit that you met or read about or an incident that moved you to want to help someone? Use our upcoming powerful search tools to identify the nonprofit you’d like to donate to. All nonprofits featured on our site have been verified for charitable legal status.

Through our site, you can donate to your preferred charity online or through our collaborators, who have special giving campaigns for nonprofits. Become a champion fundraiser for your favorite nonprofit by running a campaign on one of our suggested platforms collaborating with #GivingTuesdayLiberia.

Want to help? Contact us right away.



Giving is a great way to show you care! You can donate food, books, clothes, toys, furniture, footwear, groceries, gadgets, spectacles, or anything that is in usable condition.

Search for an in-kind need from the list of nonprofits that will be put up shortly. Make it a group activity by having collection boxes in your office, apartment lobby, garage, or a neighborhood store. Engage friends to join you to sort, pack and deliver!

Want to help? Contact us right away.



Lending your voice for a cause is a powerful form of giving!
Share your ideas, your plans, or your stories of giving or volunteering with the hashtag #GivingTuesdayLiberia. Follow us on social media to get up to date notifications. Tag us on your posts and our team will help spread the word!

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