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SHE-CAN Global

Formerly Open A Door Foundation, SHE-CAN stands for Supporting Her Education Changes a Nation and our mission is to equip and empower young women from post-conflict countries to become leaders who change their nations. By creating pathways to tertiary educational opportunities, supportive mentoring and guidance, and leadership skills, SHE-CAN scholars emerge from our program as confident, vocal, and empowered change-agents ready to usher in peace, prosperity and women’s rights into their community and nation.

Our planet is overwhelmed by insurmountable issues: climate change, clean water, war. These issues disproportionately impact women in the developing world. To reduce the inequality caused by these problems, women need to be empowered to sit at local, domestic and international decision-making tables. SHE-CAN gives low-income women from post-conflict countries the opportunity to gain the quality tertiary education, leadership training, and mentorship needed to break from oppressive systems. Scholars emerge from the program prepared to return to their communities as impactful leaders who promote more just, peaceful, and inclusive practices for all people.

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