We Are Usually Asked About

Why should my organization join?

Joining a network of other organizations focused on the improvement and development of Liberia will increase your credibility, develop your management skills, and heighten visibility to new potential donors. Who wouldn’t want to join such partnership network?

Wouldn’t this increase our operational cost?

No! You will actually be sharing some of your existing cost. Imagine hosting an awareness event with several other organizations present, where the cost of the event is shared. You maximize your presence beyond your limited resources at a drastically decreased cost to you.

Are there any training resources provided?

Yes, there are. In today’s quickly changing world, both young and old organizations can benefit from on-going training and learning about the best practices in running your organization to make the biggest impact. As a Global Leader for #GivingTuesday, we share access to such resources.

How much will it cost my organization?

We do not charge to become or member. Neither do we charge for the strategy and resources we provide our partners. We believe in decreasing nonprofit cost for increased impact. Not the other way around. Join Now.

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